/The Secret Getaways of Western Australia

The Secret Getaways of Western Australia

Western Australia is an often-overlooked state but the opportunities for adventure are seemingly endless. If you venture beyond Perth and Broome you are likely to be amazed!


New Norcia

New Norcia is only an hour and a half drive from Perth International Airport. This small town has a lot to offer and has a unique status among small Aussie towns – it is entirely settled by Benedictine Monks! People are welcome to stay here, and the monks often host retreats which are open to the public. The monks make their own wine and there are opportunities to taste their wares while wandering through the museum or gallery. If you want a getaway there is a hotel, a guesthouse run by the monks, or the opportunity to camp in your own motorhome. 



Bunbury is often overlooked, but Western Australia’s ‘second capital’ is a cool city with a lot to offer. The bright pink art gallery that was once a convent is a great place to start exploring before wandering along the various art walks available in the city. Bunbury is home to many artists and the walls of drab buildings and empty alleyways light up with bright colours painted by her residents. Why not wander down to Taffy’s sweet shop and watch your candy being made before your eyes and then finish the day with a visit to the secluded Jetty Baths – popular with the locals. Camping in Bunbury is also a breeze. Self-contained vehicles can register with the information centre and stay in several places in the city for free!


If your idea of the perfect holiday is a secret location in the backyard of Western Australia’s Southwest where you are more likely to see Kookaburras and Kangaroos than people, then Walpole should be on your radar! The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk is the most popular destination in Walpole and the walk gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient forests. Fernhook Falls Waterfalls is a great place to go bird watching and it is the perfect place to relax after a hard day of sightseeing and nature walks. 



Exmouth is popular with the locals with many facing drives up to 18 hours to get there for their summer holidays! Exmouth is a water-lovers dream with endless activities including snorkelling among the reefs, swimming with stingrays and trying to spot the many types of sharks that call this area home – including the famous whale-sharks! If you want to spot a manta-ray then the best time to visit this paradise is between April and July. There are many places to go diving along the coast, and the beaches are pristine, making it the perfect place to relax with the book you have been meaning to dig your teeth into!

Western Australia has an abundance of secrets, many only known to locals. Whether you use this list or you instead decide to try the wine in Peel or pick apples in Donnybrook, you won’t be left disappointed if you venture beyond Perth for your next escape.