/5 Easy Yoga Exercises that You Can Do at Home

5 Easy Yoga Exercises that You Can Do at Home

Practicing yoga is an art that will help controlling one’s body, mind, and soul. Yoga can bring together the mental and physical disciplines of an individual that makes him achieve a body and mind that is at a peaceful phase. This is also helpful to manage anxiety and stress. And yoga also helps improve body tone, flexibility, posture, and muscle strength. 

I will be sharing with you the five easy yoga exercises that help to improve posture, flexibility, energy flow, balance, and strength in the body. But before doing these yoga exercises, you must first conduct these two important things before proceeding to see if you are ready of doing any sort of exercise. The first is to evaluate your physical condition if you are physically fit to do it or having medical issues. Next is to check if you are equipped with the proper gear such as the yoga mat, comfortable clothing, and chair as well. These yoga exercises are easy and simple exercises that can even be done at home. 

    1. Mountain Pose – this is to be done by standing and having your feet aligned with your hips. Place your arms by your side while your palms are facing outward. Then, roll your shoulders up, back, and down. And as you do this, your chest will be lifted at the same time. Stand still and find balance. Breath in and breath out. This pose helps your body to stretch and strengthen the arches of the ankles, feet, and legs.
    2. Tree Pose – To do this exercise, you will need to do the mountain position where you will need to stand still. With your feet to be put in a row with your hips, and roll the shoulders moving up, back, and down. That’s it, then you will need to shift your body weight into your left foot. For you to do this, bend your right knee and your right ankle will be touching the knee side of the left leg. When you are feeling comfortable, you can now move your hands facing each other at your chest or above your head. Balance, breath in, breath out, and repeat on the other side. This easy pose will help strengthen your hip, core, and leg muscles.
    3. Warrior 1 pose – Position yourself like you were in a mountain pose. Bend your left knee in the front forming an angle of 90 degrees while extending your right leg backward and press down. Raise your two arms straight toward the ceiling. Look up and breathe. And do the same position to the other side. This position will help improving posture and balance. As well as strengthening feet, calves, ankles, and their muscles.
    4. Standing Knee to Chest Pose – Do the mountain pose, and start lifting your left knee towards the chest and bend. Feel free to flex your left foot while the right leg is doing the balancing. Hold the position, breath in, breath out, release and repeat on the other side. It helps make the core, hips, and legs stronger.
    5. Modified Dancer Pose – Position yourself like you were doing a mountain pose. Maintain the standing position, lift up your left leg and bend your knee while flexing your foot. Lift your right arm towards your face and the left arm holding your flexed left foot. Hold the position, breath in, breath out, and repeat on the right side. This helps builds up your hip flexors, upper back, core, and lower body. If you are not yet comfortable remaining standing while in the position, you may hold on to a wall to maintain the balance. 

These 5 yoga exercises are simple and easy to do. You can even do it without the need for an instructor. And it will give a lot benefits to your body physically and psychologically. You wouldn’t even notice every single minute of your time while doing yoga, because every minute is equivalent to priceless relaxation.