/Most unique escapes in Australia

Most unique escapes in Australia

Thanks to the natural diversity in Australia there are many unique and one-of-a-kind facilities where you can stay if you wish to have a truly special experience on your next getaway. From sleeping next to Lions to staying at an Observatory these are our picks for the best places to escape to if you are looking for adventure and wish to escape the dullness of the 9-5. You will wish you could stay forever at these Australian escapes!


Thalia Haven, Little Swanport, Tasmania

This accommodation is set within a private 130-acre wooded Peninsula surrounded by over 5 kilometres off oyster Bay coastline. This ensures that you will always have access to unique and beautiful views, whether you choose to relax or take photos the view is sure to inspire. This haven has an outside bath that looks out across the ocean and the bedrooms are made of ancient stone and surround courtyards featuring olive trees and other unique plants. This is surely a place to escape and run away from the boredom of everyday life.


Twinstar Guesthouse and Observatory, Ballendean, Queensland

Japanese astronomy enthusiasts founded and opened this unique guesthouse which has an observatory in the backyard. The rooms are comfortable, and the hosts hold a sky tour each evening. This gives guests an opportunity to star gaze and admire the constellations that light up Queensland’s night Sky. the hosts are more than happy to assist astronomy aficionados with their night-time photography habits, and they are quite knowledgeable so if you either have any questions about stars, galaxies or anything else space related this is the perfect opportunity to get some answers.


Bamurru Plains, Kakadu, Northern Territory

A special haven for adults there are no children aged 8 or younger allowed at this escape. The accommodations ‘spacious and beautiful standalone bungalows nestled in private vegetation on the edge of wetlands. This ensures peace and quiet and gives nature lovers an opportunity to kick back and admire the world around them. Thanks to its gorgeous location many of the activities available are suitable to the area and include wildlife spotting, scenic flights, fishing , safari, and bird watching. There is also no need to visit the city as the accommodation facilities include a bar, a pool, and uniquely a library. Also vital to any trip to the Outback in the Northern Territory this accommodation offers splendid air conditioning.


Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra, ACT

How do you feel about waking up next to a lion? What about eating breakfast with a giraffe? Or perhaps, taking a bath next to a shark is more your style. If this sounds like your Cup of tea, then you need to experience the Jamala Wildlife lodge in Canberra. This one-of-a-kind stay is nestled  between a zoo and an aquarium with enclosures next to rooms. This is a luxury stay which offers top notch African style cuisine and offers a zoo experience and an overnight safari for those who wish to partake. There is truly nothing else like this in Australia.