/The 5 Best Proposal Spots in Australia

The 5 Best Proposal Spots in Australia

One of the most exciting occasions for a woman is when her beau proposes to her. A marriage proposal is one of the most exciting and special moments between two lovers. 

It is when the guy would ask for his girl’s hand, asking her to be his wife and be with him for a lifetime. ‘Tis the moment a man will go down on his knees and present a gift for his girl, an engagement ring. The unique engagement rings are used as a form of mutual promise for future marriage. This has been a trend that never fades.

The best places in Australia to propose

In planning a marriage proposal, there are also a few things that you need to consider. A proposal is an important event that happens to us once in a lifetime, it has to be well prepared and romantic. As for preparation, you must not forget to pack. And the choice of the best location has got a lot to do with the romantic proposal. Read on to see the top 5 best places for a romantic proposal in Australia.

The most romantic places to propose

1. Sydney Harbour Bar Cruise in New South Wales. Memorable moments are best kept with the photographs. Choose a place with a picturesque background. One of those probable places is the Sydney Harbour Bar Cruise in New South Wales. The bird’s eye view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge gives a fairytale mood proposal. You can set a date on the floating bar just for the two of you and the Sydney Harbor bridge.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge in New South Wales. If you and your partner are adventurous, it’s great to bring your plan up to the next level. Book a climb at this bridge and create a memorable proposal 134 meters above sea level. You will also enjoy the panoramic romantic view over the bridge. Perfect enough to create a romantic mood for the planned proposal.

3. Mitchell Falls, Western Australia. A proposal doesn’t always need to be on a table with a candlelight dinner. It can be on waterfalls too, like the prestigious Mitchell Falls. Spend the day hiking at the Mitchell Plateau, a soak in Mertens Creek, before heading to the falls. Mitchell Falls is wealthy of perfect spots for awaited moments like this.

4. Palm Cove in Queensland. Escape the city and set a passionate date on a paradise in tropical North Queensland. Underneath the sky-high palm trees, you can create an intimate mood for a proposal. This occasion is worth an experience to a cloud nine in Palm coves. You will have many options for a creative and memorable proposal in this place. If snorkeling is your kind of fun, take advantage of the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef for this moment. Or create a scene on an impressive flight by helicopter over the Heart Reef.

5. Grampians National Park in Victoria. This beautiful nature reserve is popular for the sandstone mountains, wildflowers, and wildlife. And these are the reasons why the Grampians is the best choice for the planned proposal. The place offers picture-perfect surroundings, tranquility, and art. In this place, you will get not just a romantic scene but also memorable moments for keeps.

There you have it, a list of the best five romantic spots for proposal. Australia has an abundance of beautiful places for the “Marry Me” moment. The more romantic you want it to look, the more creative you need to become. All you need to do is to pick the best location for that perfect moment.