/6 Simple and Best Tips about Caring for your Hair Extension

6 Simple and Best Tips about Caring for your Hair Extension

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. This dynamic, safe, and friendly city in Australia is popularly known as the “Sunshine State”. It is the country’s most livable place because of the amazing weather, friendly and relaxed people, and the excellent quality of life here. 

In this city are where many women love doing their hair in different styles. That’s why many women here who want to have long hair and volumized hair are using Brisbane hair extensions. And here are the best tips on how to take care of the hair extension while on the go. 

  • Before bedtime care – If you have a clip-in hair extension, you must make sure to remove it before bedtime. This is to prevent them from becoming tangled in your hair. If not, movements on sleeping can be the cause of damaging your clips and scalp as well. As for removing, see to it that you will start removing the clips from top to bottom. And for the sewn-in extensions, wear a sleeping cap or silk scarf before sleeping to prevent the hair from becoming tangled and frizz.
  • Be gentle – Comb your hair with the use of a wig brush. These wig brushes have a wide-tooth comb and are gentle to use especially for wigs. Combing and detangling the hair extension must begin from the ends and work its way to the root. Its main purpose is to avoid the shedding and breaking of the hair.
  • Frequent washing – If you are using a clip-in hair extension, you must wash it at least one time every month. But with the sewn-in hair extension is different because it doesn’t reproduce the natural oil unlike our real hair, it must be washed frequently. Washing too often will cause them to become dry and brittle. 
  • Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner – Be sure that the shampoo and conditioner that you will use for the hair extension is mild. And also use a color-treated hair shampoo if the hair extension has been dyed to the perfect shade.
  • Do not use heat tools – Keep in mind that your extension hair doesn’t receive nutrients and oil, not like the real hair. That’s why it is important to not use heat tools because it has no natural oil to revive them from dryness.
  • Store them properly – Clip-in hair extensions must be stored properly to prevent them from becoming tangled. Put them in a ponytail style so that the clips won’t snag on the rest of it. 
  • Keep it moistured – Sewn-in hair extensions are getting moistures from the real hair with natural oil, while the clip-in extensions don’t have the same exposure that causes dryness to them. Be sure to put a leave-in conditioner to keep them moistured. 

These are the easy and simple ways to take good care of your hair extension that you can apply even when you are on the go. Remember that these hair extensions are your tools for longer-looking and lively hair. Whether you are using clip-in or sewn-in hair extensions on your trip to Brisbane.