/Australia’s undiscovered wine regions

Australia’s undiscovered wine regions

We love our wine. That is an undeniable fact. People flock from around the world to visit the Barossa Valley, Bendigo, Hunter Valley and of course the Swan District. There are many more regions that don’t get as much attention but produce arguably better-quality wines. If you are sick of sharing your cellars with busloads of tourists and just want a local experience, then head off the beaten track and visit one of undiscovered wine regions this summer.


Orange, New South Wales

The Orange Wine Region, in New South Wales is a great place to start on your alcoholic journey through Australia. The up-and-coming region is finally gaining some international recognition, but it is still often under-rated or unknown by many Australians. Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are the wines of choice created in this region and the chardonnay is quite impressive. Many locals put this down to the volcanic soil in the region and the cool temperatures that help regulate the grapes as they grow.  


Peel-Geographe, Western Australia


While it is not known for being a wine region, there are many fantastic wineries in the area many that also have olives and make their own oil and dukka to complement the wines. A short drive from Mandurah, a trip down Old Coast Road will show a plethora of signs pointing to small, undiscovered, wineries with homemade wineries. Our favourite is Lake Clifton Wineries. Follow the undescriptive driveway to the end and become confused as you see what looks like a normal home. Wander in and find shelves of delectable fruit wines. The owner is a kiwi, but don’t hold it against him – just be prepared to stand there talking for a wee while. We suggest the plum wine, or the mango wine for those who like something a bit sweeter.


Shoalhaven Coast, New South Wales

This warm region is the place to explore if you have a fond love of Shiraz. The small township is welcoming and the people that live in the region are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. There are many delicious pairings, and many wineries offer a seafood selection at their restaurants and bistros. Thanks to the magnificent coastline and the quality of the water in the area, the seafood offered is some of the best in the state. The unique taste of wines on offer comes from the use of Chambourcin grapes.


Coonawarra, South Australia

One of the draws to Coonawarra is the abundance of experimentation. Vintners who have spend their lives on vineyards, whose families have been working the land for generations, are using new ideas and technology to experiment with wine making styles and grafting new grape varieties. This region may be highly isolated but once you arrive the welcome is warm, and the reds are ready to pour. The limestone-based soil, including the terra-rossa, create a smooth and rich taste within the grapes, guaranteeing you one of the best glasses of shiraz you’ll ever experience.